I have decided to feed baby formula

Hi, new mom. Like you, I had to make the difficult decision whether to feed my baby formula. I really wanted to nurse, but there were complications with my supply and I chose to switch to formula after a lot of discussions and a lot of tears. I was sad, disappointed, frustrated and felt like I was letting my baby down. I was also totally overwhelmed with all the options including brands, liquid versus powder, bottle styles, nipple sizes, how to prepare formula and properly sterilize bottles. And feeding formula can be expensive! Below are some great links to help with [...]

I’m dedicated to breastfeeding but am having trouble with it

Breast Feeding, A New Mom's Story. When my son was born, he had difficulty latching to my breast. I was lucky to have the guidance of my midwives who recommended that I see a lactation consultant right away. Even with this help, my baby's latching issue continued for a few weeks until he was diagnosed with a tongue tie and I was diagnosed with inverted nipples. After researching about tongue tie releases and discussing with my midwives and doctor, my husband and I decided to go ahead with the procedure. It was a really hard decision, but I felt strongly about [...]

What is perinatal depression and anxiety?

Most people think that having a baby is all excitement and endless joy, but for so many women a variety of other feelings may also be present.  Postpartum depression and anxiety is an issue for approximately 1 in 6 to 1 in 8 women.  The symptoms they experience may present during pregnancy or after the baby has arrived. Symptoms of perinatal depression and anxiety can include physical symptoms, thoughts, feelings, or be seen in the woman’s behaviours.  Some examples of the most common symptoms are listed below: thoughts of feeling like a bad mother or thoughts that she is not [...]

My relationship with my partner has changed

When our eldest child was born, my husband and I felt that life could not get any better. This euphoria lasted a number of days but after the initial excitement, sleep deprivation, and numerous visitors, the demands on our personal time became a reality. I knew the arrival of the baby would change our lives, but I was unprepared for what this would look like.  I did not realize how all-consuming this tiny human being would be. How even getting a cup of coffee or a shower would be such a monumental task. Even though my husband was supportive, we had [...]

We had to stay in the NICU

I went into preterm labour with my first child which was stressful but then came another challenge. My daughter spend 5 weeks in then NICU. It was so hard being surrounded by these small sick babies. The nurses were mostly kind, sometimes a few of them made me feel that I was in the way but most were okay. It was really hard to go home at night and leave my baby, but it did get easier as I got to know the nursing staff better. I also realized how important it was for me to get a good night sleep [...]

I’m struggling with my labour and delivery not going as planned

I had a great pregnancy, I had a good relationship with my care provider, I read all the books and watched the videos (and my partner did as well). I had a birth plan and had a vision of how it would all go. Then my water broke while I was in the shower and dark liquid came out. My midwife told me it was meconium and sent me to the hospital. Everything is a bit of a blur after that. I ended up getting transferred to a different hospital and had lots of care providers. Everyone was very kind and [...]

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