Your first step is to see a care provider.

In Campbell River and District, you can choose a family physician or a registered midwife as your maternity care provider. Your maternity care is covered by British Columbia provincial health insurance (MSP) if you have a valid BC Services Card. Find out more about that here. Obstetricians do not offer primary care in Campbell River, but your health care provider may involve them if your pregnancy is or becomes higher risk (like twins, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, or other health concerns).

Here are some important steps to help you through your pregnancy.

  • Register your pregnancy with Right From The Start.

  • Schedule your first prenatal visit with your maternity care provider as soon as possible (ideally within 1-2 weeks after finding out you’re pregnant).
  • Be aware that you will have many appointments throughout your pregnancy (usually every 2-4 weeks, increasing towards the end of the pregnancy).
  • Have a discussion with your care provider and your partner about prenatal screening and if it is right for you.

  • Around 8 – 12 weeks, get a dating ultrasound and bloodwork as directed by your care provider. This will be booked for you and you will be notified through a letter in the mail.

  • Around 20 weeks, go for your anatomic ultrasound. This will be booked for you and you will be notified through a letter in the mail.

  • Babies Best Chance is a great resource and it is recommended you try as much as you can. If it can’t answer your questions, ask your care provider.

Maternity care providers in Campbell River provide services to families living in town, in the communities of the North Island, and the surrounding Discovery Islands. Families who live in First Nations communities are welcomed by all maternity care providers in Campbell River. Midwifery services through North Island Midwifery are also available in Port Hardy and Port McNeill.

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